General Inspection – Class 1 buildings for moisture penetration from wind driven rain

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Building and Energy intends to carry out a General Inspection to assess how well building standards are being applied in relation to the resistance of moisture penetration from wind driven rain during a storm event. This follows an analysis of complaints, audit statistics and information gathered from external parties that indicate wind driven rain penetrating homes is problematic.

Inspection points have been developed across a section of elements that address BCA Volume Two Performance requirements P2.2.1 – Rainwater Management and P2.2.2 – Weatherproofing. Additional inspection points will be derived from AS 2047-2014 – Windows and External Glazed Doors in Buildings.

During the General Inspection, other points of inspection related to industry practises and workmanship may be required. Other relevant standards and manufacturers’ details may be used to form a view as to the performance of the building work inspected.

The General Inspection will assess 15 class 1a buildings in the Perth metropolitan area with a minimum of five buildings in each wind classification N3, N2 and N1 and will include buildings with both tiled and sheet metal roofs.

Building and Energy will request builders to provide documentation to show compliance and testing data from the window manufacturer or supplier.  The General Inspection will assess:

  • wind site classification;
  • surface water drainage;
  • gutters and downpipes including valley gutters;
  • roof systems, tiled and sheet metal; and
  • windows, sliding doors and entry doors.

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11 Dec 2019

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