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  • Roll-out of LCC27 valves and appliance connections for small LPG cylinders
  • Safety features protect against gas leaks and fires
  • Existing appliance connections are compatible and can still be used


Users of barbecues and other LPG appliances can expect to see a new type of cylinder valve and appliance connection available as a safer design is phased in over coming months.

Cylinders with the current valves, known as Type 21 (POL), may continue to be used, but eventually the LCC27 design will be the standard fitting for smaller LPG cylinders and related appliances in Australia.

The change affects LPG cylinders between 3.7kg and 9kg, which are commonly used with gas barbecues, patio heaters and other portable appliances. Small cylinders that do not have the Type 21 POL fitting and larger LPG cylinders are not affected.

WA’s Director of Energy Safety, Saj Abdoolakhan, said the LCC27’s design is expected to significantly reduce cylinder connection fires and injuries during leisure use of LPG.

“It has a check valve that requires a gas-tight connection to be in place before the gas will flow, which reduces the risk of gas escaping if the cylinder valve is opened or disconnected,” he said.

“The appliance connection point has a thermal shut-off function to stop the gas supply if a certain temperature is reached in the event of a fire.

“Users will also be able to easily tighten the appliance connection by hand, thanks to a large right-handed thread.

“Another advantage is that the rubber seals are located inside the gas valve, so they can be checked during the refilling process and replaced as required.”

The new, built-in seal will help to avoid incidents such as a barbecue explosion in Tapping involving a gas leak from a missing O-ring, which may have been left in an old cylinder during an exchange.

Cylinders with LCC27 valves are available now and are compatible with appliances that use the current Type 21 POL appliance connectors.

From 1 October 2021, only gas cylinders with LCC27 valves will be available for sale or exchange. Owners of cylinders with Type 21 POL valves can continue using them until they are empty or reach their retesting date.

Also from 1 October 2021, appliances with the new LCC27 connection will be available for sale, but this fitting will not be mandatory until April 2022 for equipment used with leisure-size LPG cylinders. An appliance with an LCC27 connection is only compatible with a cylinder fitted with an LCC27 valve.

“Eventually most small LPG cylinders and associated gas appliances will be operating with the new valves and connection points,” Mr Abdoolakhan said.  

“LPG cylinders have a 10-year test cycle so the current Type 21 POL valves are expected to phase out within that timeframe.”

For more information, visit the Building and Energy webpage on Barbecue gas cylinder changes or contact 1300 489 099.


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lcc27_saj_1a.jpg, by sroberts
WA's Director of Energy Safety, Saj Abdoolakhan, with the new LCC27 gas cylinder valve.















Current type 21 (POL) LPG valve
Current type 21 (POL) LPG valve, by Gas
Current Type 21 POL LPG cylinder valve





Current type 21 appliance connection
Current type 21 appliance connection, by Gas
Current Type 21 appliance connection




New type 27 LPG valve
New type 27 LPG valve, by Gas
New LCC27 LPG cylinder valve
New type 27 appliance connection
New type 27 appliance connection, by Gas
New LCC27 appliance connection



LCC27 gas valve timeline
LCC27 gas valve timeline, by Gas
Timeline for the LCC27 transition


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07 Jul 2021

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