Ignition sources near LP Gas cylinders

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Gas worker

In accordance with AS/NZS 1596:2014: The storage and handling of LP Gas, electrical connections should have a minimum 1.5 metre exclusion zone from gas cylinders (figure 1). Ignition sources are to be kept clear of this exclusion zone.

Ignitions sources include, but are not limited to, electrical appliances or equipment, switchboards, switches, junction boxes, Telstra Network Termination Devices or NBN connection boxes, lighting or outlets, air conditioning units, heat pumps, ventilation fans, outdoor lighting, pool pumps, flares, hot surfaces, mechanical impact sparks, irrigation solenoids and any gas appliances.

Appliance or equipment casings containing ignition sources, for example electric motors in air-conditioning split system condensing units, are to be placed outside the exclusion zone.

For further information view the Interpretation of specific regulation or standard requirements.

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19 Aug 2019

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