Infringement notices issued for not keeping employment records

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Private Sector Labour Relations industrial inspectors have the power to issue state system employers a civil infringement notice, similar to an ‘on-the-spot fine’, for failing to comply with record keeping or pay slip requirements.

Recently a number of infringement notices have been issued to employers by industrial inspectors.

One of these employers was the owner of a restaurant in an outer metropolitan area of Perth who was issued with a $650 civil infringement notice for not keeping the required employment records. 

The restaurant owner also undertook an audit of payroll to ensure compliance with pay and penalty rate obligations under the Restaurant Tearoom and Catering Workers Award. This resulted in back pay for a number of staff members, particularly those who regularly worked overtime or shifts on weekends.

State system employers should visit the Employment records – Employer obligations page to check they are keeping the correct employment records.

Visit the Infringement notices page for details on infringement notices.

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27 Jul 2023

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