Making an underpayment complaint information now available in 13 languages

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Wageline’s Making a complaint about underpayment of wages or entitlements page has helped many WA employees understand and follow the steps in the process for making an underpayment complaint to Private Sector Labour Relations.

This information is now available in a total of 13 languages, with information added to the page on how to make a complaint in Punjabi, Persian, Thai, Spanish, Indonesian, Japanese, Arabic, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Italian, Korean and Vietnamese.

The information on the Making a complaint page is for employees who believe they have been underpaid wages or leave entitlements under state employment laws and is relevant for:

  • Employees in the state industrial relations system who need help with underpayments of:
    • WA award pay rates and leave entitlements;
    • minimum pay rates and leave entitlements under the Minimum Conditions of Employment Act; and
  • Employees in both the state and national industrial relations systems who need help with underpayment of a long service leave entitlement under the state Long Service Leave Act.


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04 Aug 2023

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