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Building and Energy want to remind gas fitters about the importance of installing new gas appliances according to the manufacturer’s installation instructions, as required by Regulation 20 (1)(b) of the Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumers Gas Installations) Regulations 1999.

The instructions are part of the certification process of the appliance and provided by the manufacturer to ensure the gas appliance is installed correctly and is safe to use.

A gas fitter was recently called to a job to install a new free-standing cooker. On arrival he found the new appliance had been unpacked by the owner. The gasfitter installed the appliance correctly to the requirements in clause of AS/NZS 5601.1:2013. The appliance had a manufacturer fitted chain on the back of the appliance that he attached to a hook in the wall behind the cooker.

However, the gas fitter failed to consult the manufactures installation instructions. Had he read the instructions he would have realised that there were two metal brackets supplied with the cooker. The brackets should have been fitted to the wall and inserted into the back of the cooker to prevent tilting as required by of AS/NZS 5601.1:2013.

On returning to rectify the job the owner produced the two brackets that had been left in the living room when he unpacked it.

Not installing the manufacturer’s method of anti-tilt is considered serious defective work. Over the years there have been a number of incidents where consumers, especially children, have received scalding when cookers without stabilisation have tilted allowing pans of boiling liquids to fall on them.

We recommend that installers take the time to carefully read the manufacturers installation instructions for all types of gas appliances as Building and Energy Gas Inspection will not hesitate to take disciplinary action on serious safety omissions.

Building and Energy
Department News
10 Dec 2020

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