Nearly $800,000 in underpayments recovered for WA employees in 2021/22

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In the 2021/22 financial year, Private Sector Labour Relations industrial inspectors recovered $797,977 in unpaid wages and leave entitlements for employees covered by state employment laws.

A total of 216 complaints lodged with Private Sector Labour Relations resulted in $514,693 being recovered for employees, with a further $197,367 recovered through ongoing proactive compliance campaigns in the café and restaurant sector, the horticulture industry and the hairdressing industry.

Four enforcement proceedings in the Industrial Magistrates Court were finalised during the financial year, resulting in civil penalties of $25,500 and $1,167 in disbursement costs.

Employees who believe they have been underpaid under a WA award, the state minimum conditions of employment or the state Long Service Leave Act 1958 should visit the Making a complaint about underpayment of wages or entitlements page or contact Wageline on 1300 655 266 or via for more information.

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20 Jul 2022

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