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Wageline has just launched a series of new explainer videos which help WA employers and employees understand their rights and obligations under state employment laws. 

These new videos are embedded in the relevant content pages, or you can watch all seven on the Employment explainer videos page.

The Which system of employment law applies video explains which types of businesses or organisations and their employees are in each of the two system of employment law that operate for the private sector in WA.

There are three long service leave videos which are relevant to all employers and employees covered by the WA Long Service Leave Act:

  • Long service leave when business ownership changes
  • Long service leave when employment ends
  • Understanding continuous employment for long service leave

The How to report wage theft video explains that WA workers can find out how to report underpayments of wages or employment entitlements online via the Report Wage Theft in Western Australia website.

There are two videos specifically for employers and employees in the state industrial relations system:

  • the Finding the right pay rates – a guide for state system employers and employees video explains how to find the legal minimum rates of pay for a particular job.
  • the Understanding WA awards video explains key information about WA awards, which set pay rates and working arrangements for many employees in the state industrial relations system.
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13 Jul 2023

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