New FuelWatch website makes it easy to find cheapest fuel sites

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  • Revamped website with new search and mapping features now online
  • Finding the cheapest fuel will be quick and easy
  • A new logo to celebrate the 20th anniversary of FuelWatch

A revamped FuelWatch website has been launched with enhanced search and interactive mapping features which will make it quick and easy for WA motorists to find the cheapest fuel sites in their area.

The mobile-friendly website ( now has an interactive map that displays the brands and prices of all sites within an area defined by the user on a dynamic map, so motorists can more readily determine both price and distance.

A list of available sites from the lowest to the highest prices is displayed next to the map. After 2.30pm each day, the page will show both that day’s and the next day’s prices which, under FuelWatch rules, are locked in for a 24 hour period.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Gary Newcombe said the updated website offers advanced features and marks a major milestone in the 20 year history of FuelWatch.

“When FuelWatch was introduced in WA in January 2001 it was the first fuel price monitoring program of its kind in the world, providing consumers with price transparency and certainty by allowing them to make an informed decision on the best time and location to buy fuel,” Mr Newcombe said

“Providing free fuel price information to the Western Australian public has been a vital service resulting in substantial savings for budget-conscious motorists by clearly indicating where and when they can get the best deal.

“Incorporating the latest map technology into the FuelWatch website means that those searching for the cheapest fuel in their area will have a much better interactive user experience by getting a map reference as well as a clear list of nearby sites.

“With fuel prices recently hitting record highs and the fuel price cycle changing from weekly to fortnightly, it’s even more important that consumers have the information they need to make choices that give them an opportunity to save money.

“While the cheap petrol day now only occurs every second Tuesday, on any other day there is still a range of prices being offered, so FuelWatch can let motorists know where the lowest prices are and I encourage them to take full advantage of this free service.

“Already the FuelWatch website gets, on average, about a million visits every month, proving its value to the WA community.

“FuelWatch is now twenty years old. The new-look website will ensure it keeps up with the changing times by incorporating the latest map technology and continues to deliver an important service to WA motorists well into the future.”

Fresh branding will celebrate the 20th anniversary of FuelWatch with a new logo retaining the iconic ‘searching bowser’ image but with green and purple colours.


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New FuelWatch website on tablet in car
New FuelWatch website on tablet in car, by ahynd


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15 Oct 2021

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