Notice to owners with contracts with Capital Works Constructions Pty Ltd (trading as Freelife Homes)

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Capital Works Constructions Pty Ltd trading as Freelife Homes went into voluntary administration on 7 May 2015. This has triggered an eligibility to claim on home indemnity insurance. The insurer for Freelife is QBE.

On 7 June 2015 Deloitte as Administrator of Capital Works Constructions Pty Ltd wrote to home buyers with work in progress to announce that it had sold the works in progress to another building company and that:

  1. As a result of the agreement reached with the other company, the Administrators gave notice that building contracts with CWC are terminated effective immediately.
  2. The Administrators recommend home buyers contact the other company as soon as possible to discuss the completion of their homes.
  3. The Administrators reiterated that WIP home buyers are not obligated to re-contract with the other company and that home buyers can engage with a builder of their choice.

The other company may contact home buyers with a view to negotiating a contract for the completion of their homes. Before contacting the other company or agreeing to such a contract home buyers should contact QBE to confirm the process for claiming on a home indemnity insurance policy. It is normally a requirement to get competitive prices for a completion contract and failure to do so may affect the processing of an insurance claim.

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10 Jun 2015

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