Preventing slips, trips and falls

Common causes of injury to workers in mining are missteps and falls when stepping out of large trucks and other plant.  Under the Work Health and Safety (Mines) Regulations 2022, duty holders need to manage the risk of falls at mining workplaces, and this can only be done by considering all the factors which can lead to a potential fall risk. Other than the design of steps, accessibility of grab rails for plant users and the integrity of tread grip, several organisational and environmental factors can influence the risk of a fall. These include the workload and its pace, infrastructure and plant design, ability to see steps, and the personal protective equipment worn (including footwear).  WorkSafe has developed a checklist to assist any person conducting a business or undertaking to identify the factors that may have led to a slip, trip, fall incident. 

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  • AS 4024.1 Safeguarding of machinery, Part 1: General principles

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