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Parents have been reminded to keep children away from hazardous workplaces during the coming school holidays.

WorkSafe WA Commissioner Ian Munns said today that many workplaces contained hazards that could result in injury, and some even contained potentially deadly hazards.

“Workplaces such as factories and construction sites are not suitable locations for children and, sadly, many children have been seriously injured or killed in workplaces such as these over the years,” Mr Munns said.

“Children and young people often end up in workplaces during school holidays – whether it be through necessity, for work experience or as a “treat” – but parents need to give careful consideration to where children go.

“There are also situations where the children’s home doubles as a workplace, and care must be taken to be aware of children on holidays being in work areas where they do not go during school times.

“Many children do not have the maturity or experience to understand hazards and their potential consequences, and some workplaces can present hazards of which even adults may not be aware.

“Children have a habit of running around, and trips and falls can have very serious consequences if they happen around machinery or vehicles on farms or construction sites or in factories.

“Parents are not necessarily careless – they may simply not recognise the potential hazards facing children – so wherever possible parents need to avoid taking children to work with them during the school holidays unless there are appropriate facilities for them.

“They should also carefully consider giving children permission to accompany another adult to a workplace – it could well avoid a tragic incident.”

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16 Nov 2018

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