Reminder to real estate agents engaging painters and plumbers

The best way to ensure quality painting and plumbing work, and to make sure only ‘fit and proper’ persons are entering your client’s homes and places of business, is to engage appropriately registered and licensed tradespersons.

Painters’ registration requirements

Individuals, partnerships and companies that contract with others to provide painting services valued over $1,000 must be registered as a painting contractor. To be registered, they must meet the prescribed registration requirements; including that they are ‘fit and proper’, have the necessary training and experience, are not bankrupt, and comply with any other prescribed requirements.  If registered, they will have demonstrated they have the training and experience necessary to carry out the work. 

Plumbers’ licensing requirements

Only a licensed plumbing contractor or a licensed tradesperson under the direction and control of a licensed plumbing contractor can legally carry out water supply, sanitary and drainage plumbing work in Western Australia. This ensures they are competent and sufficiently qualified to carry out plumbing work that complies with plumbing regulations and standards. This reduces the risks to public health, safety and the environment.
A six year guarantee against faulty workmanship is provided if you use a licensed plumber. The Plumbers Licensing Board is able to direct licensed plumbers to rectify their work, at no cost to a consumer, if the work does not comply with plumbing standards. Regulated plumbing work includes water heater replacements, tap repairs and clearing of blocked drains.

Building complaint resolution

The Building Commission can accept complaints regarding work that is not carried out in a proper and proficient manner, is faulty or is unsatisfactory for up to six years from completion of the service.  The Commission can accept home building work contractual complaints for up to three years from when the cause of action arose.  Information on how to lodge a complaint can be found by visiting the department's website at:

Check your tradesperson

You can check that a painter holds the correct registration or a plumber is appropriately licensed by visiting the Building Commission website at:

Alternatively, email or phone 1300 489 099 to request a staff member to complete a search for you.

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01 Nov 2016

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