Safety warning and infringements for power packs and chargers

WA’s energy safety regulator is warning about the dangers of unapproved electrical appliances after issuing $10,000 in infringements to sellers of illegal and potentially hazardous power supplies and chargers used for e-bikes, e-scooters, and e-skateboards.  

Building and Energy electrical inspectors found the appliances were not approved for use in Australia 

Two retailers received infringements of $5,000 each. Selling or offering for sale unapproved electrical appliances is a breach of the Electricity Act 1945 

One power supply and charger with the brand name SANS, labelled as a ‘Li-ion Battery Charger’ was sold as part of an e-bike package on three Fatboy e-bike models: The Bagus, The Scrambler and The Harlem 

Another power supply and charger with the brand name ‘MLF AC/DC CHARGER' was promoted for use with the e-skateboard model MAXFIND FF AT. The plug does not have insulated pins, presenting a risk of electric shock from contact with exposed live metal parts if it is not fully engaged in the socket outlet.  

Building and Energy has also advised the retailers about processes for a possible recall and is liaising with interstate regulators about the non-compliant products. 

WA’s Director of Energy Safety, Saj Abdoolakhan, advised people to check for a Regulatory Compliance Mark (RCM), symbolised as a tick in a triangle, on all household electrical appliances. Certification can also be confirmed by searching for the model number on the Electrical Equipment Safety System website ( 

“The approval process is more than just a legal requirement – it saves lives,” he said. 

Uninsulated pins are very dangerous and have led to electric shock deaths from contact with the live metal pins when a device is plugged in,” Mr Abdoolakhan said. 

“Electrical appliances that are certified for sale or hire have been independently assessed and have undergone rigorous testing to ensure they have a safe design that complies with Australian electrical standards. 

It is vital that everyone plays their part to ensure that unapproved electrical items are not sold or used in Australia, including manufacturers, distributors and retailers. Consumers should also confirm that an appliance is certified before purchasing.”  

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A non-compliant charger (and associated e-bike): 

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A non-compliant battery charger with an uninsulated plug (and the e-skateboard it was promoted for sale with): 

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07 May 2024

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