Skip bin supplier failing to pick up or deliver as promised (A ‘N’ K Budget Bins)

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  • A high number of unresolved consumer complaints prompts a public warning
  • Business fails to collect skip bins within the agreed time of up to a week
  • Some angry customers have been waiting for many months for pick-ups

A warning from Consumer Protection has been issued about a Perth skip bin supplier that fails to pick up the bins within the promised timeframe and, in one case, has failed to deliver after accepting payment.

Imity Pty Ltd, trading as A ‘N’ K Budget Bins formerly of Bayswater, has attracted a total of 35 complaints since November 2020 from customers whose bins weren’t collected on time or at all. The company promised to collect the bins in 4 to 7 days after delivery, but some customers have now been waiting up to seven months.

The consumers claimed that there was no response when they tried to contact the business to arrange removal of the bins from their properties. Following Consumer Protection’s intervention in January 2021, the company resolved 14 complaints by collecting the bins.

At the time, a company Director told Consumer Protection that the delay in pick-ups was due to problems with their vehicles but promised to clear the backlog within two weeks.

Since then, further complaints have been received and there are currently 10 bins waiting collection and one consumer is waiting for a refund because a bin was not delivered after payment was made. There has been no response from the company to Consumer Protection’s recent enquiries and attempts to resolve the outstanding complaints.

After a brief period of deactivation, the company’s website is now active again, causing concern for Commissioner for Consumer Protection Gary Newcombe.

“The company’s lack of cooperation and interest in resolving current complaints is a major concern, especially considering their recent track record with a high number of complaints being received,” Mr Newcombe said.

“Some angry consumers have been waiting since October 2020 to have their bins collected and that’s a long time to have them sitting on their properties or on the verge, causing a great deal of inconvenience for them and their neighbours.

“With a recent complaint involving the company taking a payment and not delivering is a worrying development which raises our concerns that future customers may find themselves with full bins on or near their properties, as well as possibly being out of pocket.

“With their website again active, the company’s ability to take orders and payments has resumed. It really leaves us with no choice but to warn the public about dealing with A ‘N’ K Budget Bins and strongly recommend consumers seek the services of other more reliable suppliers of skip bins.”

Other consumers who have had unsatisfactory dealings with A ‘N’ K Budget Bins and have yet to lodge a complaint are urged to do so on the Consumer Protection website. Enquiries can be made by email or by calling 1300 30 40 54.


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25 Jun 2021

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