Tap into new plumbing rules for industry and homeowners

This announcement is for: 
  • First stage of plumbing regulation reforms now in effect
  • General public can legally carry out certain basic plumbing tasks at their homes
  • Regulation of unmetered water supply and modular plumbing systems from next year

Changes to WA’s plumbing rules are now in effect, with further reforms to roll out next year.

Building and Energy has published an industry bulletin about the first stage of amendments to the Plumbers Licensing and Plumbing Standards Regulations 2000.

Among other changes, the general public is now allowed to carry out certain basic plumbing tasks at their homes. A homeowner or occupier, or someone doing the task for them without being paid, can legally undertake work limited to:

  • maintenance, repair or replacement of a shower head;
  • maintenance or repair of a tap, other than a thermostatic mixing tap;
  • replacement of a cistern washer;
  • replacement of a water filter cartridge; and
  • clearing a blocked fixture or waste pipe by using a plunger.

“This change gives consumers the option of conveniently carrying out certain basic tasks in their own homes if they feel confident to do so,” Building and Energy Acting Executive Director Peter Stewart said.

“Consumers should note that they can only undertake certain types of plumbing work. They must use a licensed plumber for all other plumbing tasks. Incorrect or uncertified plumbing work can cause property damage and compromise public health and safety.”

It is also now an offence for someone who does not hold a plumbers’ licence to advertise or imply that they do. This includes people who are not authorised to carry out particular types of plumbing work.

Other changes relevant to the plumbing industry now apply to certain definitions, licence types, recordkeeping, certification and fees. 

Further forthcoming changes include protections against scalding from excessively hot water. From 1 May 2024, temperature control devices must be fitted when replacing a water heater in an existing heated water installation used for personal hygiene.

Another phase of plumbing reforms, due to commence on 10 February 2025, will introduce regulation of plumbing work on unmetered drinking water supplies. This means communities in regional WA will have the same level of protection as those serviced by metered water supplies in urban areas.

The amended regulations will also improve the safety of modular plumbing installations (such as bathroom pods and transportable mining accommodation), which will have to comply with applicable standards.

Funding has also been allocated for six additional plumbing inspectors in 2024 along with community and industry education.


Media contact: BEmedia@dmirs.wa.gov.au

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Information for industry (February 2024): Industry Bulletin 160 - Plumbing regulation reforms effective immediately | Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety (commerce.wa.gov.au)

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27 Mar 2024

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