Top ten building regulatory compliance audit items for improvement

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Between 1 January 2017 and 28 February 2019, in total 56 regulatory compliance inspections were carried out and 3,209 items of regulatory requirements were inspected. Of these 3,037 or 95% were found to be compliant. The top ten items of non-compliance that require improvement are listed in Table 1 below:

Table 1: Top ten items of regulatory compliance that require improvement




Compliant (%)

Main reasons for non-compliance identified
Registration number shown in advertising 23 31 43 No Building Contractor registration number shown on
multiple forms of published advertising e.g. TV, radio, website and vehicles.
Construction site signage 33 23 59
  • No Building Service Contractor registration number contained on sign.
  • No nominated supervisor name or his/her registration number contained on sign.
  • No contact telephone number for the Building Service Contractor contained on sign.
Lump sum building contract - variations must be document 47 12 80 Not in writing, dated, costed and signed by both parties.
Lump sum building contract - copy of signed variations must be provided to owner 47 12 80 Copy of signed variations not provided to the owner.
Home indemnity insurance 81 15 84 Deposit demanded prior to a copy of the home indemnity insurance certificate being furnished to the owner.
Lump sum building contract - contains all terms, is dated and is signed by all parties to the contract 67 13 84 Contracts not containing all terms and conditions e.g. specifications, addenda and working drawings not sufficiently referenced to the contract.
Lump sum building contract - copy of the signed contract must be provided to owner prior to work commencing 72 9 89 Signed copy not provided to the owner within a reasonable time and before the work commenced.
Lump sum building contract - Prescribed Notice provided to owner before contracted signed 68 8 89 Notice to the Home Owner not evidenced as provided to the owner prior to signing the contract.
Lump sum building contract - genuine progress payments 65 7 90 Schedule of progress payments within the contract identified as non-genuine i.e. payments not estimated for work already performed or services already supplied to site.
Building Construction Industry Training Fund - amendment must be paid if the final value varied over $25,000 8 1 92 Contractor failed to advise Construction Training Fund the final value varied by more than $25,000 and therefore failed to pay the additional BCITF levy.















Links to further information on the Building Services Audit Program and the top ten items of non-compliance to regulatory requirements are listed below:

Should you wish to schedule a Compliance Audit in order to assist your understanding and compliance with the relevant building service Acts, please email

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08 Jul 2019

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