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In July 2016, the Building Commission circulated an updated set of Building Commissioner approved forms for use under the Building Act 2011, and that from 10 October 2016, previous versions of the forms would no longer be considered approved forms by the Building Commissioner. A number of stakeholders have sought to have this period extended in order to transition the new forms into their relevant systems.

The Building Commissioner has agreed to this request and approved an immediate extension that allows the previous versions of the forms to be used until further notice.  While the immediate use of the new forms is encouraged, the use of previous versions are still acceptable during this period. The Building Commission will give ample notice before any form is discontinued.

The Building Commission will continue to work with permit authorities and their IT providers during this period to support this transition and acknowledges the considerable effort to change over to the new forms and update relevant systems.  If you are experiencing any difficulties with the forms and their compatibility with your particular system, we encourage you to email the Building Commission with as many details of the issue as possible so we can help you to resolve it or phone 1300 489 099. If your difficulties relate to your IT systems or to the Building Permit Database please email

For information on the building approval forms that were released in July 2016 please see Industry Bulletin 70 – Updated building approval forms (July 2016).

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11 Oct 2016

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