Understanding NCC 2022 and implementation clarification

Following the recent update on plans to extend the transitional period associated with implementation of the NCC 2022 in Western Australia, Building and Energy has received a number of queries regarding the current transitional provisions.

The following clarification is provided

The existing 12 month transitional provisions are currently unchanged and remain effective. This means under the current transitional provisions, from 1 May 2023 and until 30 April 2024, an applicant for a building permit may choose to apply the following editions of the NCC for both Volume One and Volume Two:

  • NCC 2022 (noting inbuilt transitional provisions for livable housing design and residential energy efficiency); or
  • NCC 2019 Amendment 1.

The intention to extend the transitional period for NCC 2022 to 30 April 2025 and disallow the livable (accessible) housing provisions requires amendments being made to the Building Regulations 2012.  Industry and practitioners will be updated in due course. 

Refer to the previous email alert on the implementation of NCC 2022 in Western Australia for further information.

The Australian Building Codes Board has recently released useful information including a video series, news and articles, overview of key changes, helpful handbooks and a resources library to assist in Understanding NCC 2022.

NCC 2022 includes new Western Australia variations for buildings in wind Regions B and D.

While there are extended transitional arrangements planned for Western Australia, it is strongly recommended that the State variation requirements, relating to wind Region B in NCC 2022, are applied when building in the region. The requirements have been introduced as a result of an investigation following Tropical Cyclone Seroja and are intended to improve the resilience of homes and other buildings located within wind Region B.

Refer to Industry Bulletin 147 for more information on the NCC 2022 Western Australia State Variations.

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30 Aug 2023

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