Unlicensed car dealer fined $5,000 (Rainer Puhmas)

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Selling cars without a motor vehicle dealer’s licence has cost a Perth man $5,000 after he was fined by the Perth Magistrates Court in a case brought against him by Consumer Protection.

In addition to being fined $5,000, 32-year-old Rainer Puhmas from Innaloo was ordered to pay costs of $525.50 after pleading guilty by letter during the hearing on 3 May 2019.

Rainer Puhmas bought 17 cars and sold 16 of them between March 2017 and December 2018 without a licence, in breach of the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act 1973.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection David Hillyard is using the prosecution to once again remind Western Australians about the danger unlicensed motor vehicle dealers pose to the community.

“If you buy a car from someone who isn’t a licensed dealer, the motor vehicle may be sub-standard, which can put you at risk on the roads,” Mr Hillyard said.

“The other issue with unlicensed motor vehicle dealers is that they often deny consumers the right to a remedy if there is a problem with the purchase because they’re operating outside the law and don’t comply with warranty obligations.

“Unlicensed car dealing creates an uneven playing field in the marketplace and undermines the integrity of the motor vehicle industry in WA.

“Consumers can vote with their feet and help Consumer Protection to stamp out by backyard car dealing by refusing to use dodgy, unlicensed motor vehicle dealers.”




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16 May 2019

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