Unlicensed dealing results in further fines for repeat offender (Jayde Al-Defeari)

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  • $30,208 fine and costs for trading in motor vehicles without a licence
  • 18 vehicles bought and 22 sold between 6 January 2021 and 28 October 2021
  • Public urged to report unlicensed motor vehicle dealers

The Perth Magistrates Court has handed down a $15,000 fine on a Perth woman who bought 18 vehicles and sold 22 of them between January 2021 and October 2021 and operated without a licence as required by the Motor Vehicle Dealers Act.

Jayde Al-Defeari, who has three prior convictions for unlicensed dealing, was also ordered to pay costs of $408.30 and a $50 daily penalty for the 296 days she operated without a licence ($14,800 total) when convicted on 12 May 2023.

Commissioner for Consumer Protection Trish Blake says there is no excuse for Ms Al-Defeari’s repeated offending and we will continue to take action against unlicensed motor vehicle dealers who break the law.

“Unlicensed dealers like Ms Al-Defeari, pose a serious risk to the community as the vehicles sold can be substandard and it can be difficult for consumers to obtain redress if problems arise,” Ms Blake said.

“Unlicensed dealers could be trading as a business or pretending to be private sellers.

“If you spot an unlicensed motor vehicle dealer, or suspect someone is trading without a valid licence, report it immediately to Consumer Protection.

 “We are keen to put a stop to this illegal practice in the interests of not just consumers, but also in fairness to those licensed businesses that bear the cost of doing the right thing.”

Consumers can check whether a motor vehicle dealer is licensed by doing a search on the Consumer Protection website. Unlicensed dealers can be reported by emailing consumer@dmirs.wa.gov.au or by calling 1300 30 40 54.




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25 May 2023

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