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WA’s energy safety regulator is warning about the dangers of unapproved electrical appliances after issuing $10,000 in infringements to sellers of illegal and potentially hazardous power suppl ies and chargers used for e-bikes , e- scooters, and e-skateboards. Building and Energy electrical inspectors found the appliances were not approved for use in Australia . Two retailers received...
Building and Energy
Media release
07 May 2024
Private Sector Labour Relations industrial inspectors have the power to issue state system employers a civil infringement notice, similar to an ‘on-the-spot fine’, for failing to comply with record keeping or pay slip requirements. Recently a number of infringement notices have been issued to employers by industrial inspectors. One of these employers was the owner of a restaurant in an outer...
Labour Relations
Department News
27 Jul 2023
The customer lodged a complaint with Consumer Protection following stressful dealings with a roller shutter salesperson The contract did not follow Australian Consumer Law regulations around transparent and clear termination rights Two infringements totalling $13,200 were issued A Perth roller shutter trader has received two infringements totalling more than $13,000 after it was found to have...
Consumer Protection
Media release
01 Apr 2021
WA’s energy safety regulator is urging consumers, sellers and importers to check that household electrical equipment is approved for sale in Australia after two retail chains each received $5,000 fines for selling illegal and potentially hazardous lamps. Building and Energy issued the infringement notices after a site inspection revealed some Turkish-style lamps in the stores lacked the required...
Building and Energy
Media release
05 Aug 2020