Gas Incident Safety Report 2014-15

This report by EnergySafety summarises information about gas incidents in Western Australia and analyses statistical trends for the years 2005/06 to 2014/15.

EnergySafety has statutory responsibility for the safety regulation of most gas facilities (downstream of transmission pipelines) and activities in Western Australia.

The report provides practical information on how well the State's industry and general community are operating in the supply and use of gas.

EnergySafety uses the information to make assessments on:

  • the effectiveness of safety education and regulatory mechanisms (including mandatory technical requirements); and
  • changes that should be considered to improve industry and community gas safety outcomes.

These assessments are the subject of continuing policy work by EnergySafety which includes extensive consultation with gas industry stakeholders.

I am confident that the information will interest those involved in the State's gas industry.

Ken Bowron

December 2015