Gas incidents recorded in WA

There were 807 gas related incidents reported from 2005/06 to 2014/15. The number of reported incidents per million population has been represented in Figure 2 below. During the ten year reporting period, the most number of incidents were reported in 2007/08 with the trend showing a steady decline in the number of incidents.

Gas Report 2014-15 Fig2
Gas Report 2014-15 Fig2, by ggodsman

Figure 2

Number of WA gas related incidents per million population

There were 32 incidents per million people, of these 12 incidents per million resulted in some form of injury.
All the incidents recorded can be broadly classified into gas utilisation and supply incidents. 74% of all incidents in the reported period were related to gas utilisation. The high number of reported gas utilisation incidents may be due to the legislative requirement to report gas incidents.

For supply incidents, there is a requirement to report incidents which have a major discharge of gas. Figure 3 below provides information on the number of incidents reported to EnergySafety each year.

Gas Report 2014-15 Fig3
Gas Report 2014-15 Fig3, by ggodsman

Figure 3

Number of incidents by gas utilisation and supply