A final word

This guide is written primarily for people without a legal background and deals with a large number of areas, involving in some cases quite complex laws and regulations.  The guide therefore simplifies a number of matters.  As a result, topics are explained in a general manner and do not include full details on all aspects of the relevant legislation.  Therefore, it cannot replace specific expert advice on your particular circumstances, which you should seek where required.


The information contained in this guide is not intended to be legal advice and should not be relied upon as giving substantial legal advice, but as a legal awareness guide.

The guide does not provide a definitive statement of the effect or application of the various legislative schemes to which reference is made. While it provides a general overview, the law can change often and rapidly and you should always refer particular questions that relate to your association to a legal adviser.

The general overview of the law in this guide is based on material current at August 2019.