Meeting procedures and the rules

The Act requires an association to make provision for the following matters, related to meetings, in its rules:

  • the quorum and procedure at meetings of the committee.
  • the making and keeping records of the proceedings at committee meetings of the.
  • the quorum and procedure at general meetings.
  • the notification of members or classes of members of general meetings and their rights to attend and vote at meetings
  • the time and manner in which notices of meetings and notices of motion are to be given
  • the number of members expressed as a percentage of the membership (not exceeding 20%) who may require a general meeting to be convened.
  • the intervals between general meetings and the manner of calling general meetings.

If any of these matters are missing from the rules then the relevant clause of the prescribed model rules is deemed to apply to the association until action is taken to correct the rules. Refer to Consumer Protection’s website for more information.