Recruiting employees

An association may wish to engage a recruitment agency to assist with the process of employing staff. If the association decides to recruit its own employees it should use a process that is transparent, fair and consistent:

  1. Write a job description which explains the essential duties of the position to be filled and the conditions of employment. This will help prospective employees understand the job requirements and decide whether they think they are suitable for the role.
  2. Prepare selection criteria which will be used to assess the applicants. This criteria should include the qualities, skills, knowledge and experience that the association requires of a successful applicant. The selection criteria are usually included with the job description so potential applicants know how they will be assessed.
  3. Advertise the position to attract suitable applicants using the best means available to the association (newspaper, online, recruitment agent etc).
  4. Interview suitable applicants and check references to learn more about their experience and suitability for the role.
  5. Prepare an employment contract. The employment contract contains the terms and conditions of employment, including matters such as pay, leave and hours of work. A contract of employment should be in writing and signed by both parties.

IMPORTANT: the employment selection process is subject to anti-discrimination legislation including the selection criteria and interview (See Discrimination and Harassment).