Rights and responsibilities of members

The specific responsibilities that apply to committee members are outlined in this chapter however all members have significant rights and responsibilities.

Members' responsibilities

As incorporated associations are traditionally regarded as essentially community-based organisations, they are largely independent of government intervention. Members have a crucial role in ensuring that their association, and therefore the committee, conducts itself in a way that is acceptable.

The rules set out the processes and procedures for the management of an association’s affairs and members agree to be bound by the rules of the association unless those rules are inconsistent with the Act or some other legal obligation.

Members' rights

The Act also sets out some important rights for members that cannot be given up, even where the association rules may be inconsistent with these requirements. All members have the right to:


Section of the Act


Inspect and copy the association’s register of members.


Inspect and copy the association’s rules.


Inspect and copy the association’s record of office holders.


Receive a copy of the rules when they join the association.



Receive notice of a general meeting, including the Annual General Meeting.

Required to be included in the rules (Schedule 1(7))

Have financial statements or a financial report showing the financial position of the association submitted to them at the annual general meeting.

Tier 1 – 70

Tier 2 – 73

Tier 1 – 76


Have proper notice of any general meeting at which it is proposed to alter the association’s rules including to change its name or adopt the model rules.

30 & 51

Have proper notice of any general meeting at which it is proposed to voluntarily cancel the association.

51, 129 & 141

Have proper notice of and to attend any general meeting at which it is proposed to amalgamate the association with another group, apply for registration/incorporation under another jurisdiction or to voluntarily wind up.

51 & 102