Which groups are eligible for incorporation?

To become incorporated Section 4 of the Act requires the following to be met:

  • the group must have at least six members who have voting rights under the rules;
  • be not-for-profit; and
  • formed for one or more of the following reasons:
    • religious, educational, charitable or benevolent purposes;
    • promoting or encouraging literature, science or the arts;
    • providing medical treatment or attention or promoting the interests of people who suffer from a particular physical, mental or intellectual disability or condition;
    • sport, recreation or amusement purposes;
    • establishing, carrying on or improving a community, social or cultural centre or promoting the interests of a local community;
    • conserving resources or preserving any part of the environmental, historical or cultural heritage of the State;
    • promoting the interests of students or staff of educational institutions;
    • political purposes; 
    • promoting the common interests of persons engaged in or interested in a particular business, trade or industry; or
    • any other purpose as approved by the Commissioner for Consumer Protection.