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Don't DIY

DIY kills. Always use a licensed electrical contractor or gas fitter.

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New consumer resources

Multi-lingual information on building and renovating your home.

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Dealing with complaints

Video now available providing information on the Building and Energy dispute resolution process.

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Great outdoors. Lethal indoors

Never use portable gas appliances inside a tent, caravan or RV. The carbon monoxide they release can kill.

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Building and Energy

Announcements & Publications

Safe use of gas this winter

As gas appliances emerge for use in the cooler weather, WA’s energy safety regulator is sharing important advice about staying safe and warm this winter....

Building Commissioner’s policy for engineering assessment...

This policy outlines the Building Commissioner’s requirements for granting approval for entities to assess the qualifications, experience and competence of...

Replace your child-resistant door/s with a safer alternative

The flyer is intended for to be handed out by local government pool safety barrier inspectors to owners of pre-5 November 2001 private swimming pools that...

Danger – Swimming pool under construction

Will your child and your neighbours’ children be safe while your pool is under construction? Some types of pools need to be filled with water by the pool...

Do not prop the gate open

Propped open pool gates and faulty latches are a leading cause of drowning deaths in young children. It only takes seconds for a child to drown, so regularly...

Electrician fined $15,000 for unearthed installation –...

A Perth electrician has been fined $15,000 after switchboard components at a Mt Lawley home were left unprotected, putting users at risk of serious injury or...

Outdoor gas appliances in alfresco areas

This gas information sheet is essential for builders, manufacturers and installers of blinds, and anyone renovating the alfresco area or using outdoor gas...

Building permits for private swimming pools and pool fences

This fact sheet provides guidance on the requirement for building permits for private swimming pools and fences that form part of their safety barrier (pool...

Regulation of fire systems installation work under review

Building and Energy is examining regulation of fire systems installation work in WA as part of the State Government’s response to recommended building...

Building disputes monthly report – April 2024

An overview of building disputes for the month of April 2024.  

Review of Regulation of Fire Systems Installers in...

Building and Energy industry bulletins – complete list

A complete list of building industry bulletins published for the building services and plumbing industries. 

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