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Building in challenging times

Information for consumers experiencing building delays, material shortages and price increases.

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Dealing with complaints

Video now available providing information on the Building and Energy dispute resolution process.

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Great outdoors. Lethal indoors

Never use portable gas appliances inside a tent, caravan or RV. The carbon monoxide they release can kill.

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Resolving payment disputes

Subcontractors wanting to learn more about resolving payment disputes can do so here.

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Building and Energy

Announcements & Publications

Form 79 – Change of address or contact details

Application for a Gasfitting Permit expired more than two...

This application form is suitable for an applicant who has previously held a Western Australian Gasfitting permit expired over two years.

Application for a gasfitting permit expired 31 days and...

This application form is suitable for an applicant who has previously held a Western Australian Gasfitting permit expired over 30 days and up to two years.

Winter gas safety reminder

Carbon monoxide hazards from faulty or incorrectly used gas appliances Gas heaters should be regularly serviced by a licensed gas fitter Ensure adequate...

Building regulator warning about builder’s financial...

Building and Energy has issued a warning to consumers, subcontractors and suppliers about the status of registered building contractor Modco Residential Pty...

Power line safety reminder after teenager’s serious injuries

Teenager’s garden equipment appears to have touched overhead power lines High-voltage power line carrying 22,000 volts of electricity Guides on vegetation...

ELB Policy – Requirements for the issue of an electrician...

This policy provides the criteria the Electrical Licensing Board requires to issue an electrician’s licence to an applicant who holds an Offshore Technical...

Building disputes monthly report – April 2023

An overview of building disputes for the month of April 2023.

Private power poles and lines brochure

Private overhead power poles lines Power poles and overhead lines which transport electricity from your main switchboard and meter to your home or other...

Disciplinary complaint form

This is the approved form for lodgement of a disciplinary complaint about a registered building service provider or approved owner-builder under section 15...

Restrictions for stowed or covered appliances – Fact sheet

This document provides guidance for the safety requirements of clause 6.3.2 Restriction of stowed appliances of AS/NZS 5601.2:2020 and how it applies to gas...

Building and Energy industry bulletins – complete list

A complete list of building industry bulletins published for the building services and plumbing industries. 

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Building Commission Licensed Plumbers
Building and Energy Extranet
Building and Energy eNotice
Private power poles and lines
Electric shocks and reporting