About Building and Energy

On 22 January 2018, the Building and Energy Division was formed from the amalgamation of the Building Commission and EnergySafety.

Building and Energy oversees the operations of the building, building surveying, electrical, gas, painting, and plumbing industries including the resolution of building service and payment disputes.

Responsibilities of the Director of Energy Safety and the Building Commissioner includes the technical safety regulation of:

  • building service providers and plumbers;
  • electricity production, transmission, distribution and utilisation (consumers' installations and appliances); and
  • gas distribution and production plants connected to gas distribution systems and gas utilisation (consumers' installations and appliances).

The principal functions in relation to Building and Energy’s responsibilities are:

  • regulation;
  • enforcement;
  • audit and inspection;
  • setting, monitoring and enforcing safety standards;
  • investigating accidents and consumer related complaints;
  • providing information and advice for industry and consumers;
  • the registration or licensing of builders, building surveyors, adjudicators, electrical workers, gas fitters, painters, and plumbers; and
  • management of the Home Indemnity Insurance Scheme.

Building and Energy also provides general information to the public on:

  • becoming an owner-builder
  • building approvals processes*
  • building in bush fire prone areas^
  • checking your tradesperson is licensed
  • dividing fences
  • electricity installations and legislation
  • gas installations, complaints and legislation
  • Home Indemnity Insurance and progress payments
  • plumbing WaterMark Certification scheme
  • RCD laws
  • resolution process for workmanship and contractual disputes for building services
  • smoke alarm laws
  • swimming pool, portable pool and spa barrier safety*

* please contact your local government for specific requirements
^ please contact your building designer or building surveyor for specific requirements


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