Builders, painters and building surveyors must observe the advertising provisions according to building legislation.

In accordance with section 8 of the Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 a building service contractor must ensure that any advertising in respect of its/their availability to carry out prescribed building services contains its/their registration number. For example newspaper, radio, television, or website advertisements.

A penalty of up to $25,000 may apply.

A building service contractor is either a builder, painter or building surveyor, registered by the Building Services Board, and entitled to carry out a building service prescribed by the regulations for that class of contractor.

Practitioners who are not also contractors are not entitled to contract for, or carry out, a prescribed building service but can be nominated supervisors for partnerships or companies.

People registered as practitioners only, or who are unregistered, are not entitled to advertise for work using another contractor’s registration number.

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