Amending a lodged eNotice

Preliminary Notice (PN), Notice of Completion (NOC) and Electrical Safety Certificate (ESC) are legal documents and every effort must be made to ensure they are complete and accurate prior to lodgement. 

Where an electrical contractor discovers (after submission or lodgement) that an error has been made, the eNotice can be resubmitted. In such a situation, the original notice cannot be cancelled. But, an electrical contractor can immediately notify the network operator/customer of this error by lodging an amended/corrected notice.

A lodged PN, NOC or ESC can be amended by any employee registered as an eNotice user and authorised by the electrical contractor to lodge that type of notice. 

When an amendment is made, a copy of both the new lodged notice and the void original is sent to the electrical contractor and network operator.

Guidelines for amendment

The need to amend a lodged notice is the sole discretion of the electrical contractor. However, the following guidelines are provided to assist in making this decision.

Preliminary Notices            

Amendment of simple typographical errors is not necessary.

Amendment is recommended where the network operator should be made aware of a change, including when:

  • There is a significant change in scope of the planned work or a substantial load increase. (Minor changes to the scope of the work can be notified on the NOC).
  • The work does not proceed.
  • Two Preliminary Notices are accidentally lodged for the same work.

Notices of Completion and Electrical Safety Certificates

Amendment of simple typographical errors is not necessary.

Amendment is recommended where it is discovered that a lodged NOC or ESC contains an error. For example:

  • the address where the work was carried out is not correct;
  • it does not clearly and accurately describe the electrical installing work to which it applies;
  • the date on which that work was completed is not correct;
  • the certification or compliance questions are not answered correctly;
  • the details of the electrical worker who carried out the testing and checking are not correct;
  • it was not lodged by the relevant person authorised to do so by the electrical contractor (i.e. nominee – PN, NOC and ESC; authorised electrical worker – PN and ESC; authorised administration staff - PN); or
  • it was lodged in error, such as duplication of a previously lodged notice (for the same work) or was submitted prior to completion of the work.

Note: Amendment of a Notice of Completion or a Safety Certificate is only possible within seven days of the original lodgement. Beyond this date, a new Notice of Completion or Safety Certificate needs to be lodged. 

Amendment procedure

  1. In the main menu, select the “Past lodgements” option.
  2. Search for the previously lodged notice and click on the “Amend” icon.
  3. Confirm you wish to amend this particular lodgement.
  4. Select or enter the reason why the amendment is necessary, then click “Next”.
  5. The lodged notice details are displayed; any section can be modified as required by selecting the relevant “Amend” icon, or by moving between screens using the “Next” and “Previous” buttons. The amended notice can then be certified and lodged.
  6. The amended notice will be sent to the Network Operator.
  7. You will receive an email with copies of both the amended notice and the original notice marked “Void”, for your records.

Further information on amending a PN,  NOC or ESC can be found on the frequently asked questions page.

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