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The Building Services (Registration) Regulations 2011 allow the Building Services Board to assess a person’s knowledge and skills in relation to building work. To do so the Board conducts a series of examinations. Successful completion of the series of Board examinations enables a person to apply for building practitioner registration under Set 4 or Set 5.

The Board examinations consist of four written examinations and one project assessment, and are considered to demonstrate equivalent knowledge and skills of a person who has completed the CPC50220 or CPC50210 Diploma of Building and Construction (Building).

All examinations must be passed in sequence before applying for building practitioner registration.

The four exams and one project cover the topics of:

1.    Construction Residential Low Rise
2.    Construction Medium Rise Commercial
3.    Estimating
4.    Financial, Contractual and Legislative
5.    Site Management

The examinations are intended for experienced candidates to demonstrate their competency, and should not be considered an easy or cheap alternative to obtaining the Diploma. Approximately 55% of candidates have passed Exam 1: Construction Residential Low Rise on their first attempt, since its introduction in June 2016. Of the candidates that passed the first examination, approximately 65% have successfully completed all assessments.

Enrolling to sit the examinations

Please complete the “Intention to sit Board examinations” form and submit to Licensing Services.  The scheduled examination dates are listed below.

Conduct of examinations

Each exam must be successfully passed (60%) before progressing to the next exam. Once all examinations have been passed, you must also be deemed competent in the assessment of the site management project. 

After you have completed all the examinations you must lodge an application for practitioner registration within 12 months, otherwise you may be required to re-sit all the examinations.

Board policy on conduct of examinations

Information on the exam policy

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2024 Examination dates

  • 19 February
  • 15 April
  • 17 June
  • 19 August
  • 21 October
  • 25 November

Form 48 – Intention to sit Board examinations

Application to sit an exam

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The guidelines are intended as a general summary only.  There are no past papers or more detailed information available because the Board exams are designed for those candidates who believe they already have the knowledge attained completing the Diploma.  The exams are for those people who believe they already know the content of the Diploma and don’t require any further preparation.   

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