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Building and Energy protects the community by setting standards and ensuring contractors have the skills, experience and financial capacity to deliver quality building services.

It is illegal for an individual, partnership or company to contract for or carry out a building service without first obtaining the appropriate licence or registration. 

The area of jurisdiction maps highlight the areas where a builder or painter must be registered in Western Australia.

Before entering into an agreement with a building service provider you should always check that their registration or licence is current on one of the registers below.​

Refer to the Register of interstate licensees operating in WA under Automatic Mutual Recognition (AMR) for the list of interstate licensees who are permitted to carry out activities regulated by the Department under the Automatic Mutual Recognition scheme.

Online licence search

Search for occupational licence holders using the Online Licence Search.

Go to the Online Licence Search Search for an occupational licence holder

Requesting a certified copy or extract from the registers

For a certified copy or extract from the above registers, please complete the Request for certified copy or extract from the register form.

Please note, Building and Energy does not publish business or trading names. For a national register of business and trading names visit the Australian Securities and Investments Commission.


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