Building approval forms

An application must be lodged with the permit authority or local government that has responsibility for the area in which the building is (or is intended to be) located.

Form templates are available to permit authorities on the Local Government Extranet. Organisations requiring access to the templates can request them via an email to Building and Energy.

PDF – Print friendly version
Word – Type friendly version

*Please note from 1 May 2020 BA11, BA15, BA12 and BA16 were discontinued. BA9, BA13 and BA18 have been amended. Details of the changes are outlined in Industry Bulletin 127.


BA1 – Application for building permit – certified PDF Word
BA2 – Application for building permit – uncertified PDF Word
BA5 – Application for demolition permit PDF Word
BA9 – Application for occupancy permit PDF Word
BA13 – Application for building approval certificate PDF Word
BA19 – Request to amend building permit or builder's details PDF Word
            Guidance Note – Building permit: amending permit or builder's details PDF  
BA22 – Application to extend time – building or demolition permit PDF Word
BA23 – Application to extend time – occupancy permit or building approval certificate PDF Word
BA24 – Application for modification or non-application of building standard PDF Word



BA3 – Certificate of design compliance PDF Word
BA17 – Certificate of construction compliance PDF Word
BA18 – Certificate of building compliance PDF Word



BA7 – Notice of completion PDF Word
BA8 – Notice of cessation PDF Word
BA8A – Notice of cessation – Multiple properties (building work) PDF Word
BA20 – Notice and request for consent to encroach or adversely affect PDF Word
BA20A – Notice and request for consent (response notice):
               Protection structures, party walls, removal of fences, access to land
PDF Word

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