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New registration (first time)

To work as a building practitioner in Western Australia, registration with the Building Services Board is required. If you intend to be the 'nominated supervisor' of a building contractor, you must be registered as a building practitioner.

If you are a builder and you neither intend to seek building permits from local government permit authorities, nor intend to contract directly with others to provide building work valued at over $20,000, you do not need to be registered.

When considering an application for registration as a building practitioner, the Board considers, among other factors, the applicant's qualifications, experience and fitness to be registered.

Registration as a building practitioner does not authorise a person to provide services as a building contractor.

How do I apply?

To apply for registration as a building practitioner you must complete the application form for the set that you wish to apply under. There are five sets, each with different requirements. Select the set most suited to your qualifications and experience. Submit your completed application form to Licensing Services along with your supporting documentation and applicable fees.

Each application is thoroughly reviewed by the Licensing staff and may be individually considered by the Building Services Board.

Time frame for application processing

Most building practitioner applications are determined within 14 weeks. You can assist by submitting all of the information required in your application and allow sufficient time for it to be fully assessed.

Sets and application forms

Set 1

To apply under set 1, you need to have:

  • completed the Diploma of Building and Construction; and
  • seven years experience in carrying out or supervising building work.

Set 1 – Building practitioner initial application (Form 05) 

Set 2

To apply under set 2, you need to:

  • have five years full time experience in supervising building construction; and
  • be registered under the Architects Act 2004, or be a member of the:
    • Royal Australian Institute of Architects;
    • Institution of Engineers Australia; or
    • Australian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy.

Set 2 – Building practitioner initial application (Form 06)

Set 3

To apply under set 3, you need to have:

  • five years of full time experience in carrying out, supervising or managing building construction; and
  • hold membership with the Australian Institute of Building as a Member or Fellow.

Set 3 – Building practitioner initial application (Form 07)

Set 4

To apply under set 4, you will need to undertake a formal assessment of your experience. This may be done by either:

  • successfully completing the Board assessment; OR
  • having your experience assessed by a Registered Training Organisation, sufficient to obtain the Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) through recognition of prior learning.

In addition to undertaking an assessment of your experience via one of the above pathways, you must demonstrate five (5) years full-time experience in supervising or managing building construction.

Set 4 – Building practitioner initial application (Form 08)

Set 5

To apply under set 5, you need to have:

  • sufficient experience to gain the equivalent knowledge and skills as a person who has successfully completed the Diploma of Building and Construction (as referred to in set 1); and
  • seven years full time experience outside the area of the Board's jurisdiction in carrying out building work.

Set 5 – Building practitioner initial application (Form 09)

Qualifications and experience

To apply for registration as a building practitioner you must document that you have particular qualifications and experience. For more information go to the web page 'Documenting your experience and qualifications'.

Still unsure which set to use?

If you are unsure which set to apply under or any of the above information, contact Building and Energy on 1300 489 099 or email

Mutual recognition

If you are registered or licensed as a building practitioner elsewhere in Australia or New Zealand, and want to be registered as a building practitioner with the Building Services Board in Western Australia, you can find out more information about having your qualifications recognised in WA.

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