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Check your inbox, not your post box: Courtesy renewal notices are now sent by email. Further information at

If you’re a builder whose registration is due to expire you can submit an application for renewal up to six weeks before the expiry date stated on your registration certificate. You can download the form or call the department on 1300 489 099 to request that one be posted to you.

It is important that you lodge your renewal application and pay the registration fee before the expiry date, even if you do not have all the supporting documents required. This will allow you to avoid the more complicated process for late applications and ensure your registration continues while your application is being processed.

If you lodge an incomplete application, you should send any missing information as soon as possible. This will enable the team to process your application for consideration by the Building Services Board. The Board will then issue successful applicants with new certificates of registration.

Fees and payments

Payment of the fee must accompany the renewal form. Fees can be paid by post or in person. Acceptable payment methods are cheque, money order, credit card, cash or EFTPOS. Please note that online payment is NOT available for renewal fees. Details of the current fees can be found here.


Individual practitioner only

Practitioner and contractor

Lodging your application

In person (Monday to Friday 8.30am–4.30pm) By post
Level 1 Mason Bird Building
303 Sevenoaks Street
Cannington WA 6107
Registration renewal
Locked Bag 100
East Perth WA 6892

Late applications

Late applications may be lodged within six months after the expiry date of a registration but you must first write a letter giving reasons for the delay. You can use the late application form for this purpose. If the Board accepts your reasons, you are then required to complete a renewal application form and pay the required fee.

If the Board does not accept your reasons, you may not apply to renew your registration, but you may apply for a new registration. The Board has particular forms to assist applicants applying for a new registration within three years of a former registration expiry date.

It is recommended that you lodge your renewal application before your registration expires to avoid the inconvenience of a late application or a new registration. If you have difficulty submitting your complete renewal application on time, please submit an incomplete renewal application before the expiry date. Contact the department for further assistance on 1300 489 099.

Board policy on late applications (renewals).

Builders with S and F registration numbers

In December 2017, the department phased out S and F prefixes in the registration numbers of builders with conditions on their registrations.  At each builder’s renewal, S and F builders will be assigned a new number that will be in the same style as other builders registration numbers.  For convenience the published register of builders will show both the old and new registration numbers.  The correct registration number, old or new, is the number shown on each builder’s registration certificate.  As a general guide an S or F builder shown on the published register with an ‘expiry date’ after 30 November 2017 should now be using the new number that does not include an S or F prefix.  Some builders with earlier expiry dates will have moved to the new number but most will still be correctly using the old S or F number.

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