Building surveyors

The fundamental role of a building surveyor is to certify that buildings comply with the minimum technical construction standards of the National Construction Code, which comprises Volumes One and Two of the Building Code of Australia. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • structural provisions;
  • fire safety;
  • access for people with a disability;
  • health and amenity; and
  • energy efficiency.

The statutory roles of a building surveyor are prescribed in the Building Act 2011 (the Building Act) and the Building Regulations 2012 (the Building Regulations). A building surveyor needs to have extensive knowledge of the Building Act and Building Regulations, the Building Code of Australia (the Building Code) and referenced Australian Standards.

The Building Regulations 2012 – Explanatory guide provides further infomormation on the relevant legislation.

Obligations for registered building surveying contractors Click here to download the fact sheet

Guidance on fire safety Performance Solutions

Building and Energy has produced a guidance on fire safety Performance Solutions document which outlines the responsibilities of a building surveyor when developing and approving a fire safety Performance Solution.

Guidance on fire safety Performance Solutions

Information on approving a fire safety Performance Solution

Click here to download the document

Internal quality assurance checklists

Building and Energy has developed three quality assurance checklists to assist registered Building Surveyors in the process of issuing  approved certificates.

The checklists are intended for internal use as a quality assurance tool.  

Internal quality assurance checklist – Certificate of Building Compliance (CBC)

Internal quality assurance checklist – Certificate of Construction Compliance (CCC)

Internal quality assurance checklist – Certificate of Design Compliance (CDC)

Classes of registration

A registered building surveying practitioner is empowered by the legislation to examine plans for buildings, inspect buildings and certify compliance with the Building Code and other required standards. A building surveying practitioner may be employed by a private registered building surveying contractor or a local government providing certification services.

It is noted that the use of the title and the role of a building surveyor in the United Kingdom and some other countries is different to that in Western Australia. Building surveyors migrating from overseas are reminded that a skills assessment for the purpose of applying for a skilled migration visa is not evidence of qualification for the purpose of registration in WA.

In accordance with the Building Regulations:

  • level 1 building surveyors have unrestricted authority to approve or refuse plans and specifications of any buildings or unauthorised building work; and
  • level 2 building surveyors have authority to approve or refuse plans and specifications or unauthorised building work up to 2000m2 in floor area and not more than three storeys.

Building surveyors must ensure they are registered as directed by current legislation.


WA Building Surveyors Code of Conduct 2022

Click here to download the code.

Codes and standards

Building classes Click here to visit the page 'Building classes'

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