Drainage plumbing diagrams


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Drainage plumbing diagrams are regularly used by homeowners, licensed plumbing contractors and others to determine the layout of drainage plumbing on a property. Knowing the layout of drainage plumbing can assist in:

  • Identifying where additional connections to existing drainage plumbing may be made;
  • ensuring that new buildings or extensions do not interfere with existing drainage plumbing;
  • ensuring that any excavation works do not disturb the drainage plumbing;
  • the repair of drainage pipework; and
  • clearing blocked drains.

Where the property is not connected to main sewerage

Up until 14 December 2016, it was not a requirement for licensed plumbing contractors to submit drainage plumbing diagrams to sewerage service provider(s) for drainage plumbing work that occurred on a property not connected to main sewerage (e.g. where the property is connected to a septic tank or aerobic treatment unit).

In this scenario, the relevant local government authority is best placed to provide you with information on the possible existence of a drainage plumbing diagram for that property.

Where the property is connected to a main sewer operated by a sewerage service provider other than the Water Corporation

Building and Energy has only obtained historical drainage plumbing diagrams from the Water Corporation. In areas serviced by other sewerage service providers, such as the City of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, any drainage plumbing diagrams relating to work completed prior to 14 December 2016 remains the ownership of the relevant sewerage service provider who should be contacted for further assistance. Information about sewerage service providers is available at www.erawa.com.au/water1/water-licensing/licence-holders.

Submitting drainage plumbing diagrams

Licensed plumbing contractors are required to submit a drainage plumbing diagram when they are the responsible person for drainage plumbing work that involves the installation, alteration or extension of drainage plumbing.

The drainage plumbing diagram must be submitted with the related certificate of compliance, which is required to be provided to the Plumbers Licensing Board (the Board) within 5 working days after the day on which the work is completed.

Further information on submitting drainage plumbing diagrams, including what should be included on the drawing, is available in the Drainage plumbing diagrams: Guidance notes. The drainage plumbing diagrams templates available below contain fields in which to provide the relevant property and licensed plumber details as certification of the diagram. There is a blank section beneath these information fields in which to draw the diagram.

A4 – Drainage plumbing diagrams template

Further information

A Frequently Asked Questions handout is available. If you still have any queries, please contact Building and Energy on 6251 1301.

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