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Inspections of drainage work

Drainage plumbing inspections are done while the work is under construction. Most drainage inspections will arise from notifications made by, or on behalf of, the licensed plumbing contractor responsible for the work. A drainage inspection can also arise at random from a notice of intention, certificate of compliance or compliance audit of the licensed plumbing contractor responsible for the work.

To enable drainage plumbing work to be inspected while it is under construction, licensed plumbing contractors are required to notify the Plumbers Licensing Board (PLB) of drainage work completed. The licensed plumbing contractor or any representative may submit the notification.

When should notification be given?

All drainage plumbing work that is considered to be major work – such as the installation, alteration or extension of drainage plumbing, and sewer cut and seals – requires notification to be submitted. Notification must be given prior to 4.30pm on the Wednesday of the week following the completion of relevant drainage plumbing work.

How to notify the Board of completed drainage plumbing work

  • Enotice submissions

Complete a notification within the required time of drainage plumbing work completed by choosing ‘Notify Drainage Work Completed’ from the main menu

  • Paper certification only

Fill out a ‘Notification of drainage plumbing work completed’ form (link to form below).

As determined by the PLB, the notice is to be given either:

(a) by telephone on 08 6251 1377; 
(b) in writing and delivered personally to Building and Energy;
(c) electronically using text message to 0417 209 818 or email plumbinginspections@dmirs.wa.gov.au 

The notification given may be in relation to drainage plumbing work referred to on multiple notices of intention and must include:

  • the notice of intention numbers;
  • the property addresses;
  • the dates the work was carried out;
  • a description of the work; and
  • the licence number of the responsible plumbing contractor.

The Board would like to remind Licensed Plumbing Contractors that it is their responsibility to test drainage plumbing work in accordance with Section 15 of AS/NZS 3500.2:2018 prior to the placement of trench fill (backfill).

It is the Licensed Plumbing Contractor's responsibility to ensure that the drainage plumbing notification is submitted by the required time.

Notification of drainage plumbing work completed form

Use this form to notify the PLB of completed drainage plumbing work

Download the notification form

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