Electrical Licensing Board


The Electrical Licensing Board is constituted under provisions of the Electricity (Licensing) Regulations 1991.

Its primary function is to determine the competence of applicants for, and holders of, electrical licences and permits issued under the licensing regulations.

The board represents the interests of users (consumers) of electrical services, either through the use of electrical contractors or through the direct employment of electricians. The constitution of the Board balances the interests of traditional electrical industry stakeholders and those of consumers.

The board consists of eight members appointed by the Minister for Commerce as follows:

  • an independent chairman with management and technical experience in the electrical industry;
  • a nominee from bodies representing the interests of electrical workers;
  • a nominee from bodies representing the interests of electrical contractors;
  • a nominee from bodies representing the interests of electrical workers with restricted licences;
  • a nominee from bodies representing the interests of large businesses, who are consumers of electrical services;
  • a nominee from bodies representing the interests of small businesses, who are consumers of electrical services;
  • a residential consumer of electrical services; and
  • a representative of the Director of Energy Safety.


The current members of the Electrical Licensing Board are:

ELB – Susan Chew
ELB – Susan Chew, by jdacosta

Susan Chew – Chair

Susan Chew has been appointed to the Board as Chair. Susan is an experienced board member and has served on various boards for not-for-profit organisations. She is currently serving on the board for the Yued Aboriginal Corporation, Ember Connect and Alinea Inc. Susan has over 20 years' experience as a commercial and corporate lawyer having held senior legal roles for large organisations in the engineering, IT (information technology), energy, and utilities sectors. Susan is also a corporate governance professional, holding formal qualifications from the Governance Institute of Australia and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. 


ELB member – Christopher Sweeting
ELB member – Christopher Sweeting, by sgrove

Christopher Sweeting – Electrical contractors representative

Christopher Sweeting has been appointed to the Board as the electrical contractors representative. Christopher has over 30 years' experience in the electrical industry and is currently a member of the board for the ECA WA and Vice President of NECA WA. Christopher is the electrical nominee and Director for Westwide Electrical Services, and has worked voluntarily with the College of Electrical Training and the Electrical Training Group Ltd boards.

ELB member – Melissa Mammone
ELB member – Melissa Mammone, by sgrove

Melissa Mammone – Representative for the Director of Energy Safety

Melissa Mammone has been appointed to the Board as the representative for the Director of Energy Safety. Melissa is currently employed by the Building and Energy Division of the Department of Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety. Melissa is a chartered accountant and brings with her experience as the executive officer for both the Building Services Board and the Plumbers Licensing Board and as treasurer for the Pickering Brook Catholic Church Committee.






David Von Kelaita
David Von Kelaita, by sgrove

David von Kelaita – Licensed electrical workers representative

David von Kelaita has been appointed to the Board as the licensed electrical workers representative. David is currently the head trainer with CSTA (Combined Skills Training Association) and was previously an organiser with the ETU WA. David has 14 years’ previous experience in the Royal Australian Navy as an Electronic Technician followed by five years carrying out electrical work in the construction and mining industries. With extensive experience carrying out electrical work and training electrical workers David brings valuable technical expertise as well as specialist knowledge of the training sector to the Board.



Luke Murphy ELB
Luke Murphy ELB, by sgrove

Luke Murphy – Electrical workers with restricted licenses representative

Luke Murphy has been appointed to the Board as the electrical workers with restricted licenses representative. Luke is a member of the Air-conditioning and Mechanical Contractors Association and is currently a project manager for Centigrade Mechanical Contracting. Luke is a restricted electrical licence holder and has over 15 years' industry experience over a broad range of projects including both commercial and industrial. Luke’s experience in refrigeration and mechanical engineering provides a unique persepective to the Board. 



Baldwin Richard Javangwe ELB
Baldwin Richard Javangwe ELB, by sgrove

Baldwin Richard Javangwe – Consumers (large business) representative

Baldwin Richard Javangwe has been appointed to the Board as the consumers (large business) representative. Richard is currently a senior services and project engineer for Schneider Electric Australia and is responsible for the design and commissioning of automation systems. Richard has voluntary board experience and is a current member of the Automation Systems and Integration Committee for Standards Australia. Richard's electrical engineering knowledge and experience is an important asset to the Board.





Gillie Anderson ELB
Gillie Anderson ELB, by sgrove

Gillie Anderson – Consumers (residential) representative

Gillie Anderson has been appointed to the Board as the consumers (residential) representative. Gillie is currently the senior policy advisor at the Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Psychiatrists WA. She has held a number of policy and managerial positions for State Government and not-for-profit regulatory organisations. Gillie has extensive experience as a consumer representative on a number of boards including the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia. Gillie's experience in advocating for the community, operating in a regulatory framework and her training as a lawyer provides a unique skillset to the Board.









paul_rees_002_-_small_.jpg, by agrover

Paul Rees - Consumers (small businesses) representative

Paul Rees has been appointed to the Board as the consumers (small businesses) representative. Paul has over 30 years professional experience in owning and operating small businesses and is currently the Director of a small, registered building company specialising in conservation and heritage restoration. Paul has also been a Pharmacist for approximately 37 years and is currently the proprietor of two Community Pharmacies in Western Australia. Paul has experience in serving on a number of boards and committees and is currently a Branch Committee Member of the Pharmacy Guild of Australia, Western Australian Branch. Paul’s breadth of experience across multiple small businesses and strong background serving on boards and committees provides a unique skill set to the Board.


Current electrical licensing board policies

Electrician’s training licence

Electrician’s licence

Restricted electrical licence

Electrical contractor and in-house installing work licence


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