Electricity network safety

Electricity (Network Safety) Regulations 2015

The Electricity (Network Safety) Regulations 2015 came into effect on 6 August 2015.

The Electricity (Network Safety) Regulations 2015 are designed to ensure the safety of the public, consumers and electricity workers in the vicinity of electricity supply infrastructure.

Electricity network operators publish public safety objectives

Regulation 31 of the Electricity (Network Safety) Regulations 2015 requires the four major electricity network operators to publish their public safety objectives for the maximum number of specified safety incidents listed in Regulation 30, each year, for the following three years.

The four network operators published objectives can be found on the following links:

Western Power

Horizon Power

BHP Billiton Iron Ore

Rio Tinto Iron Ore

Under Regulation 32 they must publish their public safety results after each quarter and send a report to the Director of Energy Safety. The Director may comment on the results and publish his assessment of any network operator's safety performance.

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