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An adjudicator or review adjudicator is registered under the Building and Construction Industry (Security of Payment) Act 2021 to receive adjudication and adjudication review applications and make determinations.

All adjudicators and review adjudicators are required to adhere to the requirements as provided in the Act, Regulations, Code of Practice for Adjudicators and Review Adjudicators and any Building Commissioner issued Practice Notes.

View information on the Code of practice for adjudicators and review adjudicators here.

Find an adjudicator

Your construction contract may stipulate an adjudicator to determine an adjudication application in the event there is a dispute about progress payments, final payments, retention money and single or once off payments.

The names, rates and fees charged for each adjudicator is listed below.

It is important to note that adjudicators are unable to charge fees above the maximum prescribed rate for payment claims up to $50,000.

You are not required to list an adjudicator in your construction contract. In the circumstance where one is not stipulated and you would like to lodge an adjudication application, you may submit it to any ANA in WA. The ANA will then appoint an adjudicator.

Any term in a construction contract that nominates an ANA is void and unenforceable. In these circumstances, you are entitled to give the application to the ANA of your choice. 

Register of adjudictors Click here to download the list

Review adjudicators

Review adjudicators cannot be stipulated in the construction contract. If you meet the eligibility requirements of review adjudication, you are required to submit a review adjudication application with an ANA within 5 business days of receiving your determination. See Topic 6 factsheet and video for more information.

Register of review adjudicators Click here to download the list



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