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The Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 requires that an individual, partnership or company that carries out, or contracts to carry out, 'builder-work' valued over $20,000 (within the area of jurisdiction) must be a registered building service 'contractor' and named as a builder on the building licence or permit. 

Individuals that are registered building 'practitioners' can not contract with others to provide building services, but may wish to be the nominated supervisor of a registered 'building service contractor'.

Conditions on a builder's registration may relate to the Building Code of Australia Building Classifications.

Please note: 

The register currently contains both active and inactive builders. Those who are inactive appear in the register with the address column blank. Builders that became inactive before 29 August 2011 do not appear in this register. If you are unable to find the details you are looking for, please call 1300 489 099 and ask for the Licensing Branch. The Licensing Branch may be able to find previously publicly available information that is no longer published.

Registered practitioners and contractors may have the same registration number. When you are searching the register please ensure you check the name, registration number and licence type to ensure this is the correct builder.  

Builders with S and F registration numbers

In December 2017, the department phased out S and F prefixes in the registration numbers of builders with conditions on their registrations. At each builder’s renewal, S and F builders will be assigned a new number that will be in the same style as other builders registration numbers. For convenience the published register of builders will show both the old and new registration numbers. The correct registration number, old or new, is the number shown on each builder’s registration certificate.  As a general guide an S or F builder shown on the published register with an ‘expiry date’ after 30 November 2017 should now be using the new number that does not include an S or F prefix.  Some builders with earlier expiry dates will have moved to the new number but most will still be correctly using the old S or F number.

Register of Builders

The licence search is currently unavailable. A PDF (approximately 3 MB) of the register provided below is updated daily.

Download the Register of Builders

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