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The Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 requires that an individual, partnership or company that carries out, or undertakes to carry out, building surveying work as the person issuing a compliance certificate must be a registered building surveying 'contractor' or a building surveying ‘practitioner’ employed by a local government (or other) permit authority.

Individuals that are registered building surveying 'practitioners' cannot carry out or undertake to carry out the building surveying work of issuing compliance certificates, but are permitted under the Act to be  the nominated supervisor of a registered 'building service contractor' or a local government employee.  Building surveyor accredited under the Local Government (Building Surveyors) Regulations 2008 will be taken to be registered as a building surveying ‘practitioner' under the Registration Act.

The Building Act 2011 commenced on 2 April 2012 thereby enabling Local Government or registered building surveying contractors to issue a certificate of design compliance required prior to a building permit being granted.

A register of building surveyors, setting out the class (or practising level) of building surveying practitioners and contractors, is available below.

Please note: 

The register currently contains both active and inactive building surveyors. Those who are inactive appear in the register with the address column blank.

Register of building surveying contractors and practitioners

The licence search is currently unavailable. A PDF (approximately 250 kB) of the register provided below is updated daily.

Download the Register of Building Surveying Contractors and Practitioners

There was a change to the registration numbering system for 2013 renewals which has been updated in the current register.  A column in the register provides details of the old numbers which may have been used in a compliance certificate (e.g. certificate of design compliance) issued by the registered building surveying contractor before the new registration numbers were published.  A permit authority may still accept certificates with old registration numbers where the compliance certificate was signed by the registered building surveying contractor prior to 10 June 2013.

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