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The Building Services (Registration) Act 2011 requires that an individual, partnership or company that carries out, or contracts to carry out, 'painter-work' valued over $1,000 (within the area of jurisdiction) must be a registered painting service 'contractor'.

Individuals that are registered painting 'practitioners' can not contract with others to provide painting services, but may wish to be the nominated supervisor of a registered 'painting service contractor'.

Painters registered under the former Painters' Registration Act 1961 are automatically registered as both 'painting service practitioners' and 'painting service contractors'. 

Please note: 

The register currently contains both active and inactive painters. Those who are inactive appear in the register with the address column blank.

Register of Painters

The licence search is currently unavailable. A PDF (approximately 1 MB) of the register provided below is updated daily.

Download the Register of Painters

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