Gas engine and gas turbine ventilation

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Stationary gas engines and gas turbines are Type B gas appliances that must comply with the requirements of AS 3814. Section five of AS 3814 sets out special application requirements, which includes gas engines and turbines.

Clause 5.8.9 of the 2009 edition of AS 3814 required the ventilation of gas engines and turbines installed in a building or compartment to be installed in accordance with:

  • ventilation requirements in AS/NZS 5601; and
  • consideration for additional ventilation to maintain the ambient temperature if required.

However, these requirements were changed in the later versions of AS 3814. The ventilation of gas engines and turbines requires adequate air supply for:

  • combustion;
  • cooling to maintain the correct operating temperature;
  • correct operation of the combustion exhaust system; and
  • dissipation of any credible leaks.

Therefore, it is important to note that the calculations to verify the minimum ventilation requirements for gas engines and turbines can no longer be sourced from AS/NZS 5601.

A performance-based solution may be considered where the prescribed clauses of AS 3814 cannot be achieved. In developing a performance-based solution, the proponent is responsible for demonstrating that their proposed alternative meets or exceeds the level of safety required by the standard.

Please note the performance based solution that was non-site-specific with respect to the ventilation of gas engines or turbines, issued by the Department of Energy, Mines, Industry Regulation and Safety’s Building and Energy Division (Building and Energy), will not be accepted as a means of compliance for future installation.

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