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This Gas Service Logbook has been issued by the Director of Energy Safety as a means of recording information about the servicing of a consumer’s gas installation by a registered gas fitter.

Use of this Gas Service Logbook for recording servicing work by a gas fitter satisfies the requirement of Regulation 23 of the regulations as an alternative means of recording servicing information for a consumer’s installation.

Use of this Gas Service Logbook assists a consumer (owner/operator) of a Type B gas appliance and its associated gas piping systems in satisfying Regulation 36(4A).

This Gas Service Logbook does not apply to premises or installations where the owner/operator holds a Gasfitting Authorisation. Servicing work carried out under an authorisation must be recorded in a ‘Gasfitting Record Book’ that is specifically issued by the Director of Energy Safety for use under the authorisation.

Gas Service Logbook

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Gas Service Logbook

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