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Under the Gas Standards (Gasfitting and Consumer Gas Installations) Regulations 1999 (the Regulations), work specified in the Regulations as gasfitting must only be carried out by designated persons or those registered by the Director of Energy Safety (the Director). This Gasfitting Record Book has been developed by the Director to assist Gasfitting Authorisation holders fulfil their obligations under the Regulations. Gas consumers who own or operate Type B gas appliances and associated piping systems also have obligations under the Regulations.

This Gasfitting Record Book has been issued by the Director as a means of recording information about the servicing of a consumer’s gas installation carried out by or under the supervision of a Gasfitting Authorisation holder (PART 1) and may also be used by a licensed gas fitter for recording of service work (PART 2).

Regulation 23 of the Regulations requires that gas fitters record servicing information each time servicing work is carried out on a gas appliance. This includes industrial and commercial appliances. Where approved by the Director the use of this record book satisfies this requirement. This book also provides assistance for owner operators of Type B gas appliances and associated piping systems to fulfil their obligations under Regulation 36.

Gasfitting Record Book

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Gasfitting Record Book

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